Homestay in London

Homestays & Private Homes

Prices 2018 (Single)
Standard Zone 3 £140
Bed & Breakfast
Standard Zone 3 £155
Standard Zone 2 £185
Superior Zone 3 £175
Superior Zone 2 £245
Superior Zone 1 £255-£275
Executive** Zone 2 £215 - £275
Executive** Zone 1 £275 - £315
Halfboard (breakfast and evening meal)
Standard Zone 3 £185
Standard Zone 2 £215
Superior Zone 3 £205
Superior Zone 2 £265
Superior Zone 1 £275
Executive** Zone 3 £225
- Prices may vary slightly depending on the location and quality of accommodation

Accommodation finding fee

A fee of £50 per person applies to all accommodation bookings. There is no further booking fee for accommodation booked through external accommodation providers.

Accommodation categories

Standard Homestay/Private Home
Comfortable accommodation located in Zones 2 and 3 with shared bathrooms. The accommodation is located within easy access to London Victoria. Journey time 30-35 minutes.

Superior Homestay/Private Home
Comfortable accommodation with higher standard located in Zone 2 and 3 with shared bathrooms within easy access to London Victoria.

Executive Homestay/Private Home
Comfortable accommodation of a high standard located in Zone 1, 2 and 3 with private bathroom within easy access to London Victoria.


Most of our students live with English-speaking hosts in areas of South London from where it is easy to reach the school. Our homestays are carefully chosen and personally visited by us. They provide a single bedroom, breakfast and optionally an evening meal as well, seven days a week for a reasonable cost. No more that 4 students will be accommodated with a host.

You can choose either a Standard or Superior room (with shared bathroom) or an Executive room (with a private bathroom). You can also choose a single room, or a shared room if you and a friend are booking together.

We believe that homestay accommodation is a very important part of learning English. You become part of a household experiencing the British way of life and, most of all, using English in everyday conversation. It is also probably the cheapest for you to find comfortable accommodation, which includes most of your meals, in a really friendly atmosphere. The hosts treat the student as a full member of the household, eating together and sharing the common living areas. For answers to common student questions, please see our FAQ page.

Private Homes

Students live in a private home, however, more than four students may be accommodated at once. There will also probably be less direct contact with the host. Meals may not be together with the host and the accommodation may be self-catering. This type of accommodation is more suited to longer term or more independent students.

We have some hosts who offer a self-catering option as well as bed and breakfast and half-board. Private Home hosts who offer bed and breakfast only, also offer light use of the kitchen for preparing small snacks.


All of our hosts will provide:

The right host for you!

We want you to be happy! Please write any requirements you may have regarding the price, the travelling time to the school, the homestay or meals on the booking form. Students receive a full host profile before their arrival. We are usually able to send students a selection of homestay profiles to choose from. Here are a few profiles of some of our familes:

It will take you between 10 - 40 minutes by train to get to the school from your homestay depending on the Zone. You can also catch a bus, which takes longer but costs less. Click here for Bus Pass and Travelcard prices and information.


The public transport system in London is divided into Zones and the school is located in Zone 1. Most of our homestays are in the south in Zone 2 or 3. Accommodation in Zone 1 can take longer to reach by public transport than our homestays in Zone 2 or 3. Click here for a Zone map of London.

Examples of Zones: